About Single Digital Presence

Find out about Single Digital Presence (SDP) and what it offers to government agencies.

With a user first approach that enables a common user experience, Single Digital Presence (SDP) makes it easier to find, understand and use Victorian Government information.

Built for government, by government, SDP offers a flexible toolkit for digital delivery and content publishing requirements.

Benefits for citizens

SDP has been built with a user first approach, resulting in: 

  • information is easier to find, understand and use
  • consistent user experience
  • user trust in content as single point of truth
  • joined up journeys that helps users more easily achieve their goals
  • plain English as standard, helping users understand and act on government messages
  • responsive, accessible content that is digital first

Benefits for government

Choosing SDP to serve your content to users delivers:

  • reduction in the cost and effort of digital development
  • build once, use often
  • speed to market
  • reduced compliance and overhead activities: accessibility, privacy and security
  • compliance with Victorian Government Digital Standards
  • continuous improvement

Interested in using SDP?

The SDP team is currently focussed on responding to VPS operational requirements related to coronavirus (COVID-19) and setting up the recovery, servicing existing customers, and completing planned platform works.

If you’re interested in using SDP in the future, we are maintaining a register of interest:

Reviewed 09 June 2020

Contact us

Mike Laidlaw, Senior Product Manager Digital, Design and Innovation, Department of Premier and Cabinet

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