About Single Digital Presence

Find out about Single Digital Presence (SDP) and what it offers to government agencies.

With a user-first approach that enables a common user experience, Single Digital Presence (SDP) makes it easier to find, understand and use Victorian Government information.

Benefits for citizens

SDP has been built with a user first approach, resulting in: 

  • information that is easier to find, understand and use
  • a consistent user experience
  • user trust in content as single point of truth
  • joined-up journeys that helps users more easily achieve their goals
  • plain English as standard, helping users understand and act on government messages
  • responsive, accessible content that is digital first

Benefits for government

Choosing SDP to serve your content to users delivers:

  • reduced costs and effort for digital development
  • speed to market
  • reduced compliance and overhead activities: accessibility, privacy and security
  • compliance with Victorian Government Digital Standards
  • continuous improvement

Interested in using SDP?

The SDP team is currently focussed on responding to VPS operational requirements related to coronavirus (COVID-19) and setting up the recovery, servicing existing customers and completing planned platform works.

If you’re interested in using SDP in the future, join our register of interest by emailing

Reviewed 01 June 2021

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Mike Laidlaw, Senior Product Manager Digital, Design and Innovation, Department of Premier and Cabinet

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