Add and edit a contact block

How and when to add a contact block into a page, including phone, email and social media details.

Tick the box if you want the Contact details to be displayed.

You can display 2 different Contact blocks on each landing page.

Example of Contact us - back end

You can have a lot or a little information.

The title should be 'Contact us'.

Click the Remove button if you’re not using one of the sections in the contact interface (phones or social media sections) or the heading will display on screen.

To add a social media link, choose the type from the drop-down. This will cause the relevant icon to be displayed.

Paste in the full URL.

In the Link text field, make sure to include the @ symbol before the title of the social media account (for example, @spirit_of_anzac_prize) for Twitter and Facebook.

Contact us example - front end display

To add a second contact block, select the Add Contact us block block:

Contact block - adding a second block - user guide

Reviewed 30 September 2020

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