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Instructions on how to add a video and its transcript to a page.

Videos must be added via the Media Library only – not by pasting an embed code onto the page. This ensures that all metadata attached to the video will display correctly and that a link to your video's transcript can be accessed. 

Accessibility requirements for all videos

For videos to meet accessibility standards they must have both closed captions and a transcript.


The transcript must be HTML (not an attached document) and should include:

  • the video's title
  • producer of the content
  • the name of the speaker(s)
  • all speech content
  • any relevant non-speech audio and textual or graphical information shown in the video
  • an indication of the end of the transcript.

Closed captions

These are text representations of the sounds on a video, timed with the action on screen.

When adding closed captions:

  • use large font
  • use high-contrast colours
  • ensure the captions remain on screen long enough to be read
  • ensure the captions can be turned on and off by the user
  • attribute speech to the speaker(s). 

Naming your video

There are 2 different naming conventions to keep in mind for videos:

  1. The file name of the video (what it is saved as on your computer)
  2. The video title (what you name the video when you upload it to the Media Library).

The video's file name must not contain any spaces. Instead, use hyphens (not underscores) to join words so the file name is as easy to read as possible (e.g. "Making-rent-fair.mp4).

When you upload this video, you should then use spaces for the video title (e.g. "Making rent fair"). 

Adding a video

You can add a video that's hosted on YouTube or Vimeo to your webpage by using the Media Library icon in the CMS. 

  • Add a Basic text component to your page, or put your cursor in an existing Basic text component where you'd like your video to go. 
  • Select the Media icon in the formatting ribbon.
  • Select the Embed video tab.
  • Enter the YouTube or Vimeo URL for your video (e.g. 
  • Fill in the required fields:
    • Name: Add a title for the video – see our naming tips above. 
    • Length: Enter the video duration (e.g. 2 mins 30 secs).
    • Summary: This is a short description of the video (e.g. Robyn Green from Robyn's Soap House talks about the challenges and rewards of turning a hobby into a business, how she found the information she needed, and some business success tips.)
    • Transcript: See our tips above for what to include in the transcript. 
    • Licence: Choose from the dropdown options. 
  • The restricted details section is optional:
    • Audience – e.g. Small business owner
    • Department – e.g. Business Victoria
    • Topic – e.g. Business
  • URL alias: Leave this field blank.
  • Select Save video once you’ve finished, then Embed.
  • On the popup screen, click the Display as dropdown and select Embedded with transcript. 
    • If you don't select this, the link through to a html version of your video transcript won't display. 
  • Caption field: Leave this field blank.
  • Click the Embed button.

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