Adding a document

Instructions on how to upload and update documents in the CMS Media Library as well as how to add a document download link to your page.

Prepare your document

You should never upload multiple versions of the same document to the Media library. This creates confusion when searching for the correct version of your document because we can't see in the media library which documents are in use or where. Search the media library for your document before starting the upload process. 

As a general rule, we don’t upload documents to the website unless they are intended for printing (e.g. long-term strategic plans, annual reports or posters).

If you need to upload a document, it must be both accessible and findable.

Naming documents

  • Documents should be saved with the title in the Name field (e.g. Safe and strong – A Victorian Gender Equality Strategy). What you put in the Name field displays on screen.
  • Version numbers should not be used in the title (put in the document footer instead).
  • If the document is an annual document then the year should be at the end of the document (e.g. Safe and strong - A Victorian Gender Equality Strategy 2017).

For more information on naming documents properly, see our media library storage and naming conventions page.

Creating accessible documents

Word documents and PDFs should have the following attributes applied:

  • Heading styles and formatting
  • Properties applied to data tables (indicating which row is the header row)
  • Alt text for informative images
  • Descriptive hyperlinks (not 'Click here')
  • A tagged table of contents, if applicable

Read our accessibility requirements guide for more information on creating accessible documents.

Check document metadata

Metadata is information about the document that is used in searches and as a way of identifying owners and content. As a minimum you need to complete the following fields:

  • Document title (all document types)
  • Company (All Word/Excel/PowerPoint docs) or Author (PDF only)
  • In Word, Excel and PowerPoint, go to File > Info > Show all properties to access these fields. 
  • For PDFs you’ll need Adobe Acrobat to edit and add Metadata to PDFs.

The document title should clearly describe your document (for example “Inclusive Language Guide”) as this is also used for the Media name field in the CMS.

Add a new document to the Media library

The Media browser icon allows you to add document(s) at the bottom of a content page. It automatically inserts the appropriate icon and file size.

  1. While you're within the Body content of a web page, place your cursor where you'd like your document to appear.
  2. Select the Star icon Media browser.
  3. Click on the Upload tab, then Choose file and browse your computer for your document. 
  4. Use your Document title (from the metadata) in the Name field.
  5. Click Select media.
  6. Chose Display as > Embedded and Align: None.
  7. Click Embed.

Update an existing document in the Media library

The Media library within the Content tab allows you to locate or update a document being used in one or more places within the site.

  1. Click the Content button (top left)
  2. Click on the Media tab
  3. Search for your document using the Media name field and other filters
  4. When you've found your document, click Edit
  5. Remove the current document by selecting Remove. This will remove the document from the CMS and will also delete the document from search engines.
  6. Replace the old document with the new version by selecting Choose file. Name your document clearly using hyphens between words, eg "DPC-organisation-chart.PDF". (Note: We prefer version or update information to be in the footer of the document, not its file name.)

To add a link to your document at the end of a paragraph or somewhere on your page:

  1. Select the Media icon.
  2. Choose either Add document if your document hasn't been uploaded yet or search for it if it has by adding the document title within the Name field and selecting Apply.
  3. Once you've added or found your document, check the box beside the Name field of the document.
  4. Then click Select media.
Adding a document to a content page. Shows the Media Library and tabs to upload a document or search existing documents

Reviewed 11 May 2021

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