Campaign primary

A highly visible promotion that appears at the top of a page - a feature in the Ripple design system.


Primary campaign components are reusable components intended to support a campaign or promotion, such as informing citizens of a government change.

Primary campaigns display at the top of the page between the header section and the body content section. They span the full width of the content area.

The primary campaign includes:

  • a title
  • description text
  • a call-to-action button
  • an image that displays alongside the text

Where stronger messaging is required to align with a media campaign, a Promotional campaign page can be created.


A visual representation of the primary campaign.

How to build

Primary campaigns are created separately to pages. They are built in the block layout section and then linked from individual pages.

They are created and managed by Site administrators. They can be embedded in any content page by Content editors.

Inserting a campaign block

Open the page where you want to insert the campaign. (This page must have been created using the Landing page template.)

Click on the primary campaign tab.

In the text field, start typing in the name of your campaign and select it from the list that drops down.

Example of Primary or Secondary campaign

Reviewed 30 March 2021

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