Clone an existing content page

How to clone an existing content page.

To clone an existing Landing page, login to the Drupal Content Management System (CMS) and go to the Content screen.

Search for the page you'd like to clone using the Title field or find it in the list of pages assigned to you in the CMS.

Once you've found the page you'd like to clone, click on the arrow in the Operations column on the far right side of the screen. Click on Clone.

Create a clone of a Landing page by selecting the arrow under operations, then Clone.

The cloned landing page will open and the Page title will include 'Clone of (your other page title).'

Update the Page title so it's not a duplicate of an existing page title. This will ensure the page and URL alias is kept unique.

If the title already exists in the CMS, your page will have a 0 (zero) or a number on the end of the URL. For example, (which is not ideal). Ask for help from an administrator to change the page's alias.

Under operations, select Clone. This will make an exact copy of the Landing page. You need to update the page title so it's unique.

Before you can save, you also need to select the Site/s and Primary Site for the page.

Reviewed 11 February 2021

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