Contact us

Include a block of contact information in the sidebar of a page - a feature in the Ripple design system.


The contact us component provides users with additional contact details relevant to the page.

The component is optional. It displays in the sidebar of the page.


A visual example of the Contact Us component.


The component can include a lot or a little information, including:

  • name (person or role; free text field)
  • job title, branch or department (free text field)
  • postal and physical addresses
  • phone numbers
  • 1 email address
  • social media links (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn)

How to build

The contact us component can be embedded into the sidebar of any content page.

  1. Click on the Contact tab. Tick the box if you want the contact details to be displayed.
  2. The title should generally be 'Contact us'.
  3. To show the address fields, click the Country dropdown and choose Australia.
  4. To add social media links: 
    1. Choose the type from the dropdown; this will cause the relevant icon to be displayed
    2. Paste in the full URL
    3. In the Link text field, include an @ symbol before the title of the social media account (eg
  5. If you’re not using one of the sections in the contact interface (phones or social media sections) you'll need to click Remove or you won't be able to save the page.

Reviewed 06 July 2020

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