Create a News landing page

How to create a News landing page, which includes a feature story, search filters and latest news.

News landing pages can include the following:

  • Search bar and topic filters.
  • Featured news listing (which includes 3 stories with an image if it's used).
  • Latest news (which includes the 6 latest stories as tagged by Topic). Current topics include:
    • Arts, culture and heritage    
    • Business    
    • Communities    
    • Education    
    • Environment    
    • Equality    
    • Event    
    • Governance    
    • Health    
    • Housing    
    • Jobs    
    • Justice    
    • Science and technology    
    • Sport and recreation    
    • Transport

To create a news landing page, click Content, Add content and choose Landing page.

Here's what the 'Featured news' component looks like, followed by the 'News listing':

  • Select the Header Content tab
  • In the component type dropdown, select Embedded Search Form
  • Click Add Component
  • Use the Dropdown to select News as the search block value

This listing allows you to manually display up to 3 stories. It will display the following:

  • date posted
  • topic
  • image
  • introduction text  

In the Body content tab, on the Component type dropdown, choose Featured news.

Start typing the title of a story, and it should display in the dynamically populated list.

Featured news component

Adding a News listing

This listing will display the 6 latest news items tagged with your specified Topics or Tags.

In the Body content tab, on the Component type dropdown, choose News listing.

Type in the topics and tags you want to filter by, from the following list:

  • Aboriginal Victorians    
  • Business    
  • Government    
  • LGBTI    
  • Men    
  • Migrants    
  • Not-for-profit groups    
  • Older Victorians    
  • Parents & carers    
  • People with disability    
  • Students    
  • Under 18s    
  • Veterans    
  • Victims of crime & victim survivors    
  • Women

If you don't enter any topics or tags, all latest news will be displayed.

The News listing component displays the latest 6 news stories or latest 6 news stories sorted by topic

Reviewed 13 August 2020

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