Edit an existing page

How to update an existing content page or content template (for example, news and grant page).

Login to the Single Digital Presence Content Management System. You can find login instructions on our training page.

Navigate to the Content tab. Here you'll be able to search for a content type by Title, Sub-site, Content type or Department/agency. Then select Filter.

Once you've located the content type you'd like to edit, select Edit.

Page locked for editing

Once your page has changed to Edit mode, you will receive the following message:

This content is now locked against simultaneous editing. The content will remain locked if you navigate away form this page without saving or unlocking it.

Once you've completed your changes, you can save the Draft and submit for Needs Review (if the content is ready to go live).

When a content editor is editing the same page

If another content editor is editing this page, the following message will appear:

This content is being edited by [insert username of content editor updating page] and is therefore locked to prevent other users changes. This lock is in place since [x min x sec].

This means that you cannot edit a page at the same time as another content editor.

You will have to return to the page later to make your edits.

Ask a content editor to unlock a page

To find out which editor has the page locked, you can go to Content > Locked content.

Here you will see which editor has locked the page under the Lock owner column.

Unlock a page you're working on

To unlock a page you're working on, go to Content > Locked content.

Check/select the page, select Break lock node from the Action drop-down and then Apply to selected items:

To unlock a content page, visit Content > Locked content > Check your content page > Select break lock then Apply

Reviewed 10 May 2021

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