Embedding an online form

Instructions for embedding an online form.

We currently support 2 form systems:

  • forms built in our Drupal CMS
  • forms built using an external tool, OpenForms

Our Drupal forms currently only have simple functionality.

We have a contract with OpenForms for any forms that require document attachment or conditional logic.

In either case, you should contact the Digital content team to discuss your form needs and we will advise on the best option and support you with building and testing.

How to embed a form on a page

Forms are created separately and then embedded on a landing page.

To embed an online form, click on the Components dropdown. You need to select the relevant option for your form:

  • Form embed 
  • Form embed (OpenForms)

How to embed a Drupal form

Click the Components dropdown and click 'Form embed (Drupal)'.

You'll see a title field - you can type a title in this field and it will display as a Heading 2. You can also leave this blank.

On the webform dropdown, scroll to find the name of the form you want to embed. The names displayed on this list are internal names and won't show on the live form.

How to embed an OpenForms form

Click the Components dropdown and click 'Form embed (OpenForms)'.

OpenForm embed component

Paste the OpenForms link (not the embed code) into the Form link field:

OpenForm embed link

Once the link has been added and published, the online form embed will appear in the front end.

OpenForms has been activated for pages and selected other URLs. Contact the Digital content team to ask about getting your form built using OpenForms and to ensure it will display on your site. 

Reviewed 30 March 2021

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