Event card

A highlight of a specific event page - a feature in the Ripple design system.


Event cards provide a prominent link to a specific event on your site (use the Card event automated component) or an external site (use the Card event component).

The card displays the title, image, summary, date and location of the event.

The card stacks in a grid format.

These are generally only used on a site's homepage or to manually insert into a card carousel.


Includes image, date, title, description, location and link to more detail.

A visual example of the event card.

How to build

Event cards can be embedded into the body content area of any landing page. They can also be manually linked in a card carousel.

To create a card event, you need to be in the Body content tab of a page. Click on the Component type dropdown, select the event card type and click the Add another component button.

Create a Card event

Complete the following fields:

  • Title*
  • Media - choose an image in the media library or upload one
  • Date range (start and finish date/s and times)
  • Location - choose Australia to reveal address fields
  • Summary - a brief description of the event that will display on the card (max. 200 characters)
  • CTA URL - internal or external web page link
  • Topic - you can add more than 1
Screenshot of the Add a Card Event section

Create a Card event automated

Use the Card event automated to promote an event that exists as an Event content page in the CMS.

Complete the following fields:

  • Call to action text - usually no longer than 3 or 4 words, including a verb
  • Referred event - begin typing the title of the event; the field will automatically populate with available content matching the words you've typed. Select the one that matches your destination page
Call to action and referred content fields for Card Event Automated

Reviewed 30 March 2021

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