Exporting OpenForms submissions

Step-by-step instructions for working with OpenForms form submissions. These forms are built using the OpenForms platform and used when conditional logic and document uploads are required.

Log in to OpenForms.

Click Forms on the top menu. (Forms are sorted into workspaces. Your user access may be limited to a workspace for your project.) If you have wider access, you can click the Workspaces dropdown to go to other sections.

Click on the form you want to export.

Click Responses.

You'll see a list of submissions down the left and the latest submission on the right. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and look at the left side.

If this is your first export and you want to download all the submissions, leave the date fields blank.

(You can use the search field to filter results that contain a word, such as a surname, that appears in the form.)

If you've done previous exports, you can save on download time by using the date fields to just download a segment of the submissions. Set the start date as the date of your previous export and the end date as today.

Click on the Bulk actions dropdown.

  • If your form has collected file uploads, these will be provided in folders labelled with the form submission number. Choose Export list with attachments. This will create a zip file with a folder for each form submission.
  • If you're not collecting document uploads on your form, choose Export list to Excel. 

Next you'll see a popup. Click export. As they say, this may take a while, depending on how many responses you are downloading and the file sizes.

You may see a message about virus checking. OpenForms regularly scans uploaded files. Their advice is that if your antivirus software is up to date you can download files that haven't been or can't be scanned.

After you've clicked export and the system has collected your files, you'll see a popup. Click Download.

You’ll end up with a zip file in your downloads folder.

Open the zip, select the files you want (including the Excel spreadsheet) and copy and paste or drag to a folder on your computer.

Reviewed 27 May 2021

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