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Follow these steps if you have a question about using the Single Digital Presence content management system.

Step 1: Complete our online CMS training 

Our online training includes activities and videos to help you use the CMS like a pro.    

Step 2: Check our online user guide  

Visit our online how to guide for step-by-step instructions on how to use the CMS. Find out how to add, edit and manage content. 

Step 3: Ask a question in the Innovation Network

The SDP Community of Practice (CoP) is open to anyone on the SDP platform as well as interested parties in the VPS.  

We run monthly meetups via Teams and encourage people to attend, because we offer training to help content editors stay up to date with how to use the CMS.  

The CoP can be found on the Innovation Network platform

If you are not already registered on the platform, sign up on the home page.   

Once you are a registered user of the platform, you can find the SDP CoP by signing in and searching for us. Click on 'Join now.'  

Once you have joined, post your question in the discussion group.

Step 4: Reach out to the SDP content team for support 

If the online training and online user guide haven’t solved your problem, you can reach out to the SDP team for support. The team are happy to help you do something you haven’t done before or something that isn’t part of our online training. You can also purchase additional content support from the SDP team for $190 per hour. If you don't have access to raise a 

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Reviewed 09 June 2021

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