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Instructions on using content components created for use on the homepage including promotions, key dates, news and events cards.

Here are the component types you can choose from for use on the homepage (in addition to basic text, accordion and call to action - see Body content components):

  • Promotion card - link to programs, services or events
  • Key dates - highlight key dates for a topic area/website section
  • Embedded webform - allows users to submit an enquiry or provide feedback

Note: automated = internal link. 

Screenshot of the Content components showing dropdown options

Technically you can copy in an link into the non-automated cards, but we don't recommend it. If there is any change in the page title or if the page is deleted, your link will break. Using automated links for pages in helps keep the site up to date.

Below you'll find instructions for adding and using these components.

See the Format basic text page for instructions on using the WYSIWIG component.

Promotion card

Promotion cards provide an eye-catching way to promote links to other pages on your site (or external sites).

The card consists of a title, image and summary. 

Navigation cards come in 3 varieties:

  • no image (or standard)
  • thumbnail
  • profile
promotion card no image screenshot

promotion card screenshot

promotion card profile screenshot

There are four areas to complete.

  • Link
  • Title
  • Summary
  • Card Display Style
promotion card screenshot

This is the link to the page featured on the card.

  • When using an internal link, start typing the page name. If the page is published, it will show up as a 'relative url' (e.g. 'Navigation Card'). Do not paste the full 'absolute url', which includes the full address (e.g. '').
  • When using an external link, use the full, 'absolute' url.


This is the title that will appear on the card. We recommend using the page title.


While this field is optional, we recommended writing a short description. You can use the destination page's introduction text.

Card Display Style

This option allows you to choose one of the three varieties mentioned and displayed above. 

Key dates card

These are only used on the homepage.

The Key dates card looks like this:

How to - Key dates example

Functionality for the Key dates card is being developed. Currently, only the links in the final CTA section works, linking to an external event page.

Create a Key dates card

Complete these fields for each key date:

  • Key Dates*
  • Title*
  • Summary*
  • URL*
  • CTA link - this will display as a button in the key dates feature*
Screenshot of the Add a key dates card section

Embedded webform

The site currently has two options for creating and embedding a webform. 

Reviewed 09 June 2021

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