How to publish content on

These are 'how to' guides for the Content Management System. Learn how to create, edit, improve and manage your digital content.

These guides will help you:

  • meet the required accessibility standards for
  • structure and write quality digital content
  • use our content management system (CMS) and its various features, templates and components
  • know how to work with your digital publishing team throughout the content lifecycle.

Content principles

Content on is:

  • focussed on how the user will best receive the government's message
  • always a collaboration, with digital presentation considered from the very start
  • never finished unless it’s retired
  • always has an owner with expertise and time to look after it and evaluate its success
  • published quickly as long as the digital equivalent is provided.

We follow the Australian Government Style ManualExternal Link and most pages should use the inverted pyramid structureExternal Link .

Talk to us early if you’re thinking about new content

If you're looking to move your site onto SDP or migrate content to contact the SDP team.

Training, digital networks and further support

Reviewed 20 January 2022

Single digital presence

Training and digital networks

Email us to express interest in digital training or to join digital networks.

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