Languages that use different scripts/fonts

How to set a page to display a different script for languages that don't use the Latin alphabet.

We need to tell the CMS what language is being used so it can display the content correctly - using the correct font and also setting the reading direction (for languages that read right-to-left).

ISO 639 is the international standardised naming system that Drupal uses to classify languages. If a language is not listed on 639-1, check 639-2 and 639-3.

How to set the language code

  1. Find the code in the table below and open your content page in the CMS.
  2. On the right side of the screen you'll see a sidebar. Click on the Metatags heading to reveal more detail.
  3. In the advanced section, enter the code in the Content language field.
  4. Save your page.

Note that fonts that read right-to-left (such as Arabic) will display that way when the language code is set.

List of language codes and the fonts currently in use on SDP

Where the font column has 'NA' the language uses the same font as English.

Language Code Right-to left? Font
Acholi ach TBC
Albanian sq TBC
Amharic am Noto Sans Ethiopic (Ethiopic)
Arabic (RTL) ar Yes Noto Kufi Arabic (Arabic)
Assyrian aii Yes Noto Sans Syriac Eastern (Syriac Eastern)
Bengali bn Noto Sans Bengali (Bengali)
Bosnian bs NA
Burmese my Noto Sans Myanmar (Myanmar)
Chaldean cld Noto Naskh Arabic (Arabic)
Chin - Hakha Chin cnh NA
Chinese – simplified zh-Hans Noto sans SC
Chinese - traditional zh-Hant Noto sans TC
Cook Islands Maori - Kuki Airani  rar NA
Croatian hr NA
Dari prs Yes Noto Naskh Arabic (Arabic)
Dinka din Arial
Falam cfm TBC
Farsi (Persian) fa Yes Noto Naskh Arabic (Arabic)
Fijian fj NA
Filipino fil NA
Filipino - Tagalog tl NA
French af NA
Greek el Roboto
Gujarati gu Noto Sans Gujarati (Gujarati)
Hakka hak NA
Hazaragi haz Yes Noto Naskh Arabic (Arabic)
Hebrew he Yes TBC
Hindi hi Noto Sans Devanagari (Devanagari)
Indonesian id NA
Italian it NA
Japanese ja Noto Sans JP
Karen kar Padauk
Khmer km Noto Sans Khmer (Khmer)
Korean ko Noto Sans KR
Macedonian mk Noto Sans
Malay ms NA
Malayalam ml NA
Maltese mt NA
Nepali ne Cambay
Niuean - Vagahau Niue niu NA
Nuer nus Arial
Oromo om NA
Pashto ps Yes Noto Naskh Arabic (Arabic)
Persian (Farsi) fa Noto Naskh Arabic (Arabic)
Polish pl NA
Portugese pt NA
Punjabi pa Noto Sans Gurmukhi (Gurmukhi)
Rohingya rhg NA
Russian ru Roboto
Samoan sm NA
Serbian sr Roboto
Sinhalese si Noto Sans Sinhala (Sinhala)
Somali so NA
Spanish es NA
Swahili sw NA
Tamil ta Noto Sans Tamil (Tamil)
Thai th Noto Sans Thai (Thai)
Tigrinya ti Noto Sans Ethiopic (Ethiopic)
Tongan to NA
Turkish tur NA
Urdu ur Yes Noto Naskh Arabic (Arabic)
Vietnamese vi Roboto
Zomi ctd NA

Reviewed 20 July 2021

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