Latest events

Display a summary of 6 recent events - a feature in the Ripple design system.


The latest events component embeds event cards for the 6 most recent events. The events can drawn from the site's what's on feed or limited to a specific topic.

Each card displays the date, title, summary, location and an optional image for the event. It also links to the detail page for the event.

A call-to-action button at the bottom links users to the site's what's on index page.

You have the option to replace the 6th card with a call-to-action card.

This component is only intended to be used on pages that do not have a sidebar.


A visual example of the latest events component.

How to build

The latest events component can be added to any content page. It will show 5 or 6 latest events from your site (there's no control to filter by site or topic.)

You need to be in the Body content tab. Click the Component type dropdown and select Latest events. Click the Add another component button.

  1. What you put in the first Title field will show as an H2 above the grid of 6 cards.
  2. The rest of the fields you can see are for making the 6th card a call to action instead of another event. (You can remove this and just show 6 events by clicking the Remove button and then Confirm removal. If you change your mind, click the Add CTA button.)
  3. If you do want your 6th card to be a CTA card, fill in the Title, Description, Feature Image, CTA URL and CTA Link text fields. For example, you could ask users to submit their own event.
  4. The label and destination of the call to action button that sits below the 6 cards is fixed to go to the site's /whatson page.
Latest events fields including Title, Description, Feature image, CTA URL and CTA Link text

Reviewed 30 March 2021

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