Add an image to a content page

Hello and welcome to the Single Digital Presence Content Management System. In this video I’m going to show how to embed an image into a body content area of a page that you may be working on. I know the title of the page that I’m currently editing, select filter and there is the page I want to edit. Now I’m going to go down to the Basic text section and select Edit. And my image, I’m thinking I’m going to pop it under this last bullet point and give it a title, a heading 3 style. Then I’m going to upload my image. To do that, you select the Media icon. You can actually search for an existing image that’s been uploaded before, by adding in some search terms and clicking apply. Alternatively, you can upload the image from scratch. Click on Add image, choose file, then select the image you’d like to upload. That shouldn’t take too long to upload. 

When you’re putting an image into the body content section, make sure it is a jpeg and make sure it is 818 pixels wide. If you can make the jpeg 496 pixels high, that is ideal for mobiles and tablets. However, as long as your image is set at 818 wide, it should optimise it for web and not slow anyone down in terms of having a big file loading on their page. I’ve got my image in there and I’ll give it a title people can find this image in future. Front end users won’t see this name, however back end users will. Make sure the title is descriptive and useful. My image is actually an informational image, not just a decorative image, so I need to put in some alternate text. If someone is using a screen reader for example and they can’t see this image, the alt text is read back to them. I have some alt text written here that I’ll pop in. The alt text explains the particular area that’s highlighted on the map. If it was a decorative image, I would actually delete this text and put in an alternative value of null, which is double quote marks. That means that the screen reader will recognise there’s no valuable alternate text in there. However, as I said, it’s an information image so I’ll add the text back in there. Licence type, Copyright if you don’t want anyone to reproduce your or Creative Commons if you’re happy for them to do so. Then tag the image to a particular site. This one belongs to the Aboriginal Heritage Council, and then Save the image and then embed image. And there it is embedded into the content, then hit save.  

Reviewed 22 June 2021