Navigation cards

Instructions for adding navigation cards. Use these landscape-style (horizontal) cards to link to other pages.

Navigation cards highlight programs we support or link to related pages. They:

  • are used widely on topic pages
  • create prominent links to any type of content
  • can be used individually or in groups
  • allow users to navigate deeper into or sideways in a topic

All navigation cards show a page title and summary. Other elements can be added, including 'supplemental info' and an optional image.

The display options are:

  • no image
  • thumbnail
  • featured

How to add a navigation card

There are 4 fields to complete.

  • Link (required)
  • Title (required)
  • Summary (optional, but recommended)
  • Card display style (defaults to no image)
navigation card component screenshot

This is the link to the page featured on the card.


This is the title that will appear on the card. We recommend using the page title.


Although this field is optional, we recommended writing a short description. You can use the destination page's introduction text.

Card display style

This option allows you to choose one of:

  • no image
  • thumbnail
  • featured image

If you choose thumbnail, you can add an image to the card.

If you choose featured image, the card will display the featured image saved as a Feature image in the destination page.

Display options

navigation card screenshot
navigation card with thumbnail screenshot
navigation card featured screenshot

Reviewed 31 March 2021

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