Organisation and agency content

Best practice guidelines for creating content pages for a new organisation.

Branding options

You are able to make changes as follows:

  • add a no text logo above the landing page title
  • change the top graphical image to a different colour or pattern. This can be provided by the SDP team at a cost if colours are provided 

See the Cladding Safety Victoria content as an example. 

Required content

As a minimum you will need to provide the following content:

  • a 'what we do' statement
  • contact details 

Optional content

Depending on the focus of your organisation you should also consider the following content types:

  • services, regulation, policy papers and consultations
  • corporate information, for example governance, terms of reference, reports
  • privacy statement if you're a separate entity
  • a link to jobs

Keep the publishing of governance documents and reports to a minimum as much as possible. Unless there's a legislative requirement to publish a particular publication it's better to think about what content is of use or interest to your audience and create targeted web pages to support a user need.

Reviewed 09 June 2021

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