Preview and share draft pages

Steps to create a share link so others can preview and approve your draft content without having to log in to the CMS.

Once you've saved a draft of your page you can:

  • preview your page
  • create and share a preview link for others to review and approve.

(Previously all previewers had to log in to the CMS to preview pages.) 

  • Your reviewers don't need to log in to the CMS to access the preview.
  • You can set an expiry date for the share preview link.
  • You can delete the share preview link.
  • You can share preview links for multiple versions of your page.

Which preview to choose?

  1. To preview a page in the CMS while you're working (logged in), use the first link.
  2. To create a link that others can access without logging in, use the second link (button). 

Once you've saved a Draft, you will be taken to the View tab.

Select the +Create a share preview link button.

A share link will be created and you'll be taken to the View share link tab.

Copy this link and email it to your stakeholders for review.

This link will always display the latest draft of the content (not the state of the content at the point in time you created the share link). For example, you create a share link at 9am and then continue editing your page and saving later drafts. If your manager clicks on the share link at 11am, they will see the latest version of the page with the edits you saved up to 11am.

If you want to create a share link for a particular draft/point in time, you can do this in the revisions tab. See 'Managing multiple share links' below.

This share link will automatically expire in 30 days.

This is a Preview link for people who don't have a CMS login

In this tab you can:

  • add a name for the share preview link
  • set a different expiry for the link
  • delete it

Name field

The Name field allows you to edit the CMS-given name for the preview link.

By default, it includes the page title, the page’s node number and the CMS username of the person sharing.

For example, the default name for the share link for this page is "Share Landing Page "A sample page showing standard content components" (15514) by joanna.tayler".

The share link name/s display on the View share link tab. You might want to edit a share link name if you are creating multiple share links for a single page, such as the current draft and a previous revision. In this case it could be helpful to put the date and time of the edits or a label to help you differentiate between the share links. In the View share link tab, the Node column gives you more info about the revision. 


When you share a preview link it automatically expires after a set amount of time. You can change the time limit by updating these date and time fields.

You can edit the name of the preview link and set an expiry

You can choose to delete the share link within this tab.

Go to Share links tab. On the far-right next to a link, click on the arrow next to Edit and choose Delete. You'll be asked 'are you sure' and you click the Delete button.

You might want to create share links to show the evolution of a page over time.

The share link you create from the View tab will always display the latest updates made to a page.

If you want share links to display a point in time, go to the Revisions tab and create share links for a specific revision. View the revision by clicking on the date and time link on the left. Create a share link for an old revision (draft), use the button on the right - you'll either need to click on the down arrow for older revisions or just click the button for the latest revision as shown below.

Example: I created share links for all revisions on this page and the Share links tab looks like this. The ones created from a revision have 2 numbers in the Name column (node number and revision number) and the revision number in the Node column.

Reviewed 11 February 2021

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