Promotion cards

Instructions for adding promotion cards. Use these portrait-style (vertical) cards to link to other pages.

Promotion cards provide an eye-catching way to promote links to other pages on your site (or external sites).

They're often used on home pages and landing pages to display links to the site's main sections or subpages.

The card consists of a title, image and summary.

How to add a promotion card

There are four areas to complete.

  • Link (required)
  • Title (required)
  • Summary (optional, but recommended)
  • Card display style (defaults to no image)
promotion card screenshot

This is the link to the page featured on the card.

  • When using an internal link, start typing the page name. If the page is published, it will show up as a 'relative URL'. Don't paste the full 'absolute URL', which includes the full address (for example, '').
  • When using an external link, use the full, 'absolute' URL.


This is the title that will appear on the card. We recommend using the page title.


Although this field is optional, we recommended writing a short description. You can use the destination page's introduction text.

Card display style

Promotion cards have 3 display options:

  • no image (or standard)
  • thumbnail
  • profile

Promotion card, no image

promotion card no image screenshot

Promotion card with thumbnail image

promotion card screenshot

Promotion card, profile style

promotion card profile screenshot

Reviewed 30 March 2021

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