Publication template

The publications template allows you to display complex multi-page content online - a feature in the Ripple design system.

When to use the publication template

Use the publication template to display and navigate multi-page content. The template allows content producers to:

  • Assemble multiple page 'chapters' together.
  • Automatically generate a 'cover' page that lists out every chapter of the publication.
  • Clear pagination so users can travel forwards and backwards through the publication.

It also allows users to easily print each page, as well as download any PDF or Word Document versions of the publication, if they're available.

Example of the publication template

Cover page

A visual example of the cover page of the Publication template.

Content page

A visual example of a content page using the Publication template.

Create a publication template

Find instructions on how to create an online publication, by visiting our Publications page.

Reviewed 06 July 2020

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