Quality checklist - online content

Checklist for reviewing online content before publishing.

All our content is to:

  • Help Victorians to navigate government by providing news, events, grants, contacts and assistance information.
  • Tell the ‘story’ of government so Victorians can understand what’s happening and how they can access services.
  • Allow Victorians (including public servants) to help themselves and others by providing innovation opportunities, including freeing government information for reuse.

Check your content is hitting the mark by doing the following checks.


SEO and page structure

  • Is there a clear purpose to the page/outcome for the user?
  • Is all the content on the page and not hidden in attachments?
  • Is the title SEO friendly: have the most appropriate keyword/s been selected for Google search (and are used in title, meta description and throughout text)?
  • Is the title no longer than 70 characters and is the summary (meta description) no longer than 156 characters?
  • Have meaningful sub-headings been used throughout the page?
  • Is content structured most important to least important?
  • Check all links are working - ensure internal links open within the same window and external links open within a new window (this will be automated feature)..
  • Is there any missing information? For example, dates, phone numbers, documents?
  • Have we included links to information or next steps, or help them discover similar content?
  • Are the links appropriate and do they take the user to the correct action point?
  • Are all related links (internal and external) listed on the page in a meaningful way?
  • If referring to a phone number for further information, do not use an individual's phone number. Always use a contact centre number that's staffed during business hours, which has a call back service for out of hours. The Victorian Government Contact Centre is the default option for phone numbers. 
  • Check you've added any links to social media accounts. Check the social media list.


  • Familiar, easy to understand English has been applied - avoid acronyms or jargon.
  • Has inclusive, gender-neutral language been used?
  • Has the reading level been tested (using Monsido or the Hemingway app) and below year 8? Please note: for content that meets exemptions year 9 may be allowable eg. historical content.

Formatting and tagging

  • Have all content styles been applied correctly e.g. buttons, callout, quotes?
  • Under site is and the appropriate subsite area selected?
  • Is an appropriate Topic been selected and an appropriate tag if available?
  • Is the latest version of the page published?
  • Check display on mobile as well as desktop.
  • Show content rating is ticked.
  • The introduction has an appropriate amount of content in it that is not a duplicate of body content (but can be duplicate of summary). Sentences only. No more than 2 sentences, preferably one. Should be a summary of the page so people know they're on the right track.
  • The background colour is white unless it is a navigational page and then grey should be selected.
  • Site section navigation box is ticked and includes a menu title that reflects the front end user experience.
  • No sidebars are showing that don't have any links or content in them e.g. What's next.
  • All phone numbers have tel: in the code with no spaces between digits.


  • Follows brand and style quality guidelines e.g. has people in the photo, adds meaning to the content, diversity of subjects.
  • Has a meaningful text alternative been provided for images? Should provide sensory/emotional addition to the page. Otherwise purely decorative images should just have " ".
  • Where alt text is appropriate also add as a caption
  • Is the image appropriate size and resolution. 818 x 408px for feature images and landscape-format images embedded in body content. Portrait-format images embedded in body content should be no taller than 400px or they will be automatically shrunk on display.
  • Is the image used appropriate and does it add more context/meaning to the content?
  • Has permission been granted to use the photo? (This is the content owner's responsibility but if concerned query it.)



  • Correct branding is applied (at a minimum the document has the Victorian Government logo).
  • Properties are applied e.g. title.
  • The document has bookmarks, alt text on images, colour contrast and large font size.
  • A HTML equivalent is available (or a Word doc for pre-existing documents).
  • Print to check it prints as expected.


  • Correct branding is applied (at a minimum the document has the Victorian Government logo).
  • Document has heading levels, alt text on images, colour contrast and large font size.
  • Print to check it prints as expected.


  • The appropriate embed video module has been used (with metadata, title and description and transcript). Check in the backend.
  • The video is close-captioned accurately (not using Youtube's automated captions).
  • A video transcript is available within an HTML page.

See more information on creating accessible PDF, Word and Videos.

Basic automated checks


  • grade 8 unless exemptions required
  • active language

Reviewed 09 June 2021

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