Quick exit

Immediately navigate away from sensitive content - a feature in the Ripple design system.


The quick exit functionality allows a user to exit sensitive content quickly.

Once clicked, the browser will close the page they're browsing and will automatically open a blank Google search page.

It appears consistently on each page of a site, directly underneath the main menu.


A visual example of the quick exit.

How to build

The quick exit is used only on sites for specific audiences. If you'd like to add a Quick Exit to your site, contact your site administrator. 

Quick exit buttons are intended for use on websites that host sensitive content a user may want to browse in private. If someone else approaches while the user is on such a page, they can click the quick exit button. The site they're browsing will close and a blank Google search page will open instead.

Your site administrator will need to enable this feature.

Instructions for site administrators

  1. Select structure > Taxonomy > Sites
  2. Browse to the Name of the site you want to add the button to.
  3. Click Edit and then tick the Show Exit Site checkbox.
Location of the quick exit button field within the Site section

Once the button has been enabled, it will appear below the header on all pages in the specified website.

Example of published quick exit button which appears below the website header

Reviewed 30 March 2021

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