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How to schedule publishing of a page in the SDP content management system.

Note: this content is about web pages. If you replace a media item (eg document), the change is reflected immediately online. We currently don't have a way to schedule updating of files, but we are working on improving this system also.

Pages in the content management system can be set to archive or publish at a certain date or time. 

Scheduled publishing can be enabled for any of the content types, including:

  • Landing page
  • Alert
  • Event
  • Grant
  • News
  • Profile 
  • Publication

Schedule a page to archive or publish

  • If you'd like a new version of a page to go live at a particular date or time, you'll need to create your update and save a new draft
  • If you'd like to archive a page at a particular date and time, you won't need to create a new draft of your page.

Search for the title of the page in the Content area, by entering the Title of your content and clicking on Filter.

Once you've found the page you'd like to schedule an update for, select Edit.

Click on the Content section to search for a page within the CMS, then press filter

Once you're in Edit mode, select the Scheduled updates tab and click the +Add Scheduled update button.

Schedule a new version to publish

Check the Revision number you’d like to publish, then choose Publish on the Execute transition dropdown. Add in the date, month, year and time you'd like the page to publish, then select Scheduled updates.

The time format is hours, minutes, seconds, am/pm. So if you want to publish a page at 11:59pm you would enter 11:59:00PM

Schedule a page to archive

Check the Revision number you’d like to archive (this is usually the latest revision), then choose Archive on the Execute transition dropdown. Add in the date, month, year and time you'd like the page to archive, then select Scheduled updates.

Manage scheduled publishing 

When you've added a scheduled update, you can remove the update by selecting the Scheduled updates tab and selecting Delete.

Reviewed 30 April 2021

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