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This page provides guidance on the purpose of topic pages, rules, use of campaigns, key journeys, contacts and related links.

The purpose of topic pages is to provide links that show the breadth of information and services that the Victorian Government provides as well as linking Victorians to key journeys.

Topic pages can only be edited by site administrators.

Topic links should be used for content that's:

  • high use (used or searched for by a large number of users; our benchmark is over 1000 sessions per year or in the top 100 search terms)
  • high-priority areas for the government - this currently includes jobs and growth, law and order, health, education and equality

Links should:

  • take users to a close to the action point as possible
  • address a key area of interest for the topic (eg primary and secondary school for the education topic)

The first topic link has a feature image to give it prominence. This is created using the Navigation featured content component.

  • Policy links should sit at the bottom of topic links.
  • Use the word 'policy' in the link for user understanding (eg Safeguarding against terrorism policy).
  • Always have a grants link.
  • Always have an Engage Victoria link to a specific tag.
  • Always include a concessions shortcut, if available for the topic.
  • Order content by popularity and usage data.
  • Link to landing pages for key areas (eg LGBTI equality).


  • Can be added to a topic page to sit at the top (primary) or bottom (secondary) of the content zone.
  • Should only be added if they relate directly to the topic (eg a TAFE campaign on the Education topic page).
  • Campaigns should have a scheduled archive date.

See how to create and insert campaigns

Contact us sidebar block

Use this to highlight key contact points.

Where relevant these should include the lead department or agency contact details.

Details are entered in the CMS manually. In future contact blocks will draw data from the Vic Gov directory.

See how to add and format contacts

Top links are called 'Key journeys' in the CMS.

Only feature very popular tasks (eg Find a school zone).

Can include non-Victorian Government links or links that are not central to the topic but could be helpful (eg Victorian Institute of Teaching on the Education topic page).

See how to add related links

Reviewed 09 June 2021

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