User roles and permissions

How roles and permissions affects your access to site sections and the media library.

There are various roles to manage access levels for different users in the Single Digital Presence content management system (CMS) - see Set up SDP CMS users:

  • Site administrator
  • Approver
  • Editor

Users are be restricted to one or more sites or site sections, depending on the content they are responsible for.

Editors and Approvers can only edit content and move content through the workflow based on their site permissions. This includes media items (documents, images, audio and embedded videos).

When a user logs into the SDP CMS, they see a filtered view of the content that they have been assigned to.

Screenshot of CMS showing Site section and assigned documents
Screenshot of CMS showing Site section and assigned images

New users

When a user is set up, they will be allocated a site(s) and/or site section(s). This will give the Editor access to create and edit content pages and media files in that site or site section.

If you find that you cannot access any content (pages or media items, such as images or documents), raise a ticket via the Content service desk and we will fix the tagging.

Content pages

Based on a user's permission, all new pages created will automatically be tagged with the site section you have been assigned to.

You can also edit pages within your site section.

Media library

All documents, images, audio and embedded video must be tagged with a site or site section.

Some older media files may not be tagged with the relevant site section. We may need to tag your site section so you can access it.

Reviewed 17 August 2020

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