Using your Drupal Content Management System dashboard

Learn about your Content Management System (CMS) dashboard page and how to use it.

Before you begin

The dashboard gives you a snapshot of your pages, and allows you to search for more. You can return to the dashboard at any time by selecting 'Dashboard' in the header menu.

If this is the first time logging in to the CMS, you may need to request a CMS login and access online training.

After you’ve logged, you will be directed to your CMS dashboard. Here you will be able to:

  • search for pages
  • view your pages

Watch a video about the dashboard

Search content

Here you can search for any page you have access to.

Enter your search term in the provided field. Before searching you have the option of refining your search by:

  • content type
  • specific site or section

Select 'Search' or hit 'Enter.'

This will direct you to the search results page.

Your pages

This section allows you to create new and view existing pages.

Adding new content

To create a new page, select '+ Add content.' This will direct you to a template options page. For more on this, visit Create a new content page.

Viewing existing content

All existing pages you have created or edited are listed in this section. For each page, you can view:

  • 'Title' – page titles
  • 'Type' – page template types
  • 'State' – whether the pages are published or not
  • 'Updated' – the date the pages were last updated
  • 'Sites' – the sites or sections the pages can be viewed on
  • 'Operations' – a list of actions you can complete on each page

You can also filter your pages by some of these options.

Reviewed 12 July 2021

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