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Find out how you can use Single Digital Presence to improve your website and reach your audience.

Learning how different websites work across the Victorian Government is time consuming and frustrating. usability test feedback

Life is hard enough. Single Digital Presence is about making it easier for Victorians and public servants.

I was the driver of a few websites and it was very painful. Whereas this was so much easier to use because it was all in house, the experience was there, the knowledge was there.

Stacey Williams, Awards officer, Department of Premier and Cabinet


We’re putting most Victorian government information into one central website because that’s the best way to: 

  • help users find the information they need
  • provide a trusted source of information
  • ensure inclusion and accessibility for all Victorians
  • take care of security and privacy
  • save you time and money

How do we do this?

Single Digital Presence (SDP) is backed by research and support.

By using the platform you get access to:

  • a platform that you know is compliant with Victorian Government security, accessibility and privacy standards
  • user needs research
  • a design system with components that are tested and regular updates on what works and doesn't
  • training on the content management system as well as areas such as Search Engine Optimisation, user needs, writing for the web, accessibility and stakeholder management
  • a central content team that assists with connecting journeys across government, style guide and quality assurance
  • a community of practice that shares insights on analytics, service design, content design and more

Learning about what other people are using it for is just so insightful. It's those discussions that bring new ideas to light as well.

Stacey Williams, Awards officer, Department of Premier and Cabinet

You control your site

You’re the owner of your site and your content. We work with you to ensure it meets your users’ needs.

Our satisfied customers include:

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Reviewed 02 June 2021

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